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Power Generation & Cogeneration

 Magnum Engineered Products with the experience, expertise and know-how to design engineer and produce new products or improve existing products and applications.











 -Electrical Substation

-Control Panels




-Electrical Maintenance & Services




-Complete Mills/ Drives


-Mechanical  & Civil Engineering

 Advantages of Aryan                                                          Product Range of Boilers                                 Fuel Compatibility of Aryan Boilers

 Designed Boilers


 - Easy to operate                                                -Traveling grate fired Boilers up to 250 TPH                        -Fossil:  coal, lignite, natural

 -Low capital cost                                                 -Dumping grate fired Boilers up to 250 TPH                         gas, and other

 -Less construction  time                                      -Fluidized bed  boilers up to 150 TPH                                 -Biomass: bagasse, rice  husk,

 -Less maintenance cost                                      -Fire tube boilers up to 50 TPH                                            wood chips

 -Best  class efficiency                                         -Waste heat recovery boilers                                               -Gases: blast furnace gas,  CO

                                                                             -Waste tube boilers up to 400 TPH                                      gas


 We have gained vast experience from previous turn-key co-generation projects as well as our ongoing research and development program. MEPCO and Aryan Boilers have joined together to offer complete services of design, engineering and constructions of projects involving turn-key sugar mills and co-generation facilities. We have the expertise to take you from the fuel, to the boiler, to the power grid and every step in between.


      Facilities for electrical work:


          -In-house capability of MCC panel building.


          -In-house capability of VFD panel building.


          -In-house capability of panel fabrication.


          -In-house capability of electrical project execution.

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